Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Sports & Entertainment Ltd


"I have known Prue for 12 years.  She is a first class operator.  Her roles at the Australian Rugby Union and then Cricket Australia made her a much sought after executive, capable of running any major event anywhere in the world.  At SEL, Prue worked on several projects from major equestrian events to The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations.  Prue is efficient, hardworking, loyal trustworthy and very bright.  You can’t get any better."


Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Group


"I would like to thank you all for organising and delivering a fantastic weekend at Monza for us and our guests.  The program was fantastic - the opera singers from Teatro alla Scala just amazing and the setting really left everybody speechless - and the handling of all guests superb, in a beautiful and unique hotel."



Head of Brand Worldwide, ArcelorMittal


"Prue was an invaluable senior team member.  This was evidenced in different ways at various points in the programme; for example, while during the planning she demonstrated strategic thinking, attention to detail and creative problem solving, during the Games themselves other skills and attributes came to the surface, including reliability, can-do, and a genuine understanding of the needs of and protocols required by our 800+ VIP guests."

Cricket Australia

Chairman, Cricket Australia


"At all times Prue carried out her role with aplomb and a touch of class.  The way she conducted and carried herself brought great credit to her and to Cricket Australia. 

I regularly received unsolicited feedback from guests who were universally highly complimentary of the job that Prue and her team did."  

Fédération Internationale de Natation 

Executive Director, FINA


"Ms. Thompson’s excellent organisational knowledge in combination with her personal engagement allowed her to accomplish all her duties to our highest satisfaction.  Her “can-do” attitude and contribution to the successful Championships was much appreciated by the FINA Executives, Bureau Members and staff as well as across many national swimming federations."